Fashion EMBA ︱ 全球时尚管理EMBA课程


China-Europe Institute of Fashion Global Fashion EMBA is a postgraduate-level professional course,it includes 3 professional sections, fashion buying ,fashion marketing and fashion Management,It is committed to cultivating high-level fashion management talents with a global perspective for Asian fashion industry.

Design Management DBA ︱ 中意设计管理DBA课程(上海模块 + 米兰模块)

中意设计管理DBA课程(Design DBA)是中欧时尚研究院为大中华区品牌的CEO、企业家和设计管理者打造的国际化的设计管理DBA课程。

The Sino-Italian "Design Management DBA" is an international design management DBA course jointly developed by China-Europe Institute of Fashion for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and design managers of brands in Greater China.

Fashion DBA ︱ 中法奢侈品管理DBA课程(上海模块 + 巴黎模块)

中法奢侈品管理博士课程(Fashion DBA)是中法两大高等商学院联合为大中华区高端品牌的CEO和企业家打造的国际化时尚与奢侈品管理DBA课程。

Fashion DBA between China and France is an international fashion and luxury management DBA program jointly developed by two higher business schools in China and France for CEOs and entrepreneurs of high-end brands in Greater China.